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Don’t overlook the tried and true: The benefits of sheet vinyl

In a world where everything is in a state of constant change and options seem to abound, sometimes the tried and true gets overlooked. So, before you take a look at our other attractive flooring options, you might want to take the time to consider the benefits of sheet vinyl. You just might surprise yourself and find the perfect floor for your home.


So, what is sheet vinyl flooring?

On the most basic level, it is composed of a thin layer of vinyl flooring attached to a felt-paper backing. Typically this comes in 12’ wide rolls and most commonly has a design imprinted in the surface layer. While it is a petroleum-based product, many of the modern vinyl producers are using recycled materials to be environmentally conscious.

These sheets are then rolled out over a sub-floor and are glued down. Given that these are large, wide pieces of vinyl being laid on the floor, there tend to be very few seams except for applications in large rooms. These seams are then sealed together, joining the separate pieces as one continuous, waterproof floor.

What are the advantages of sheet vinyl?

Arguably the most pronounced advantage is that they feel a lot softer underfoot than other available hard surfaces. They also do not end up being as cold underfoot as the alternatives, which is an advantage during the winter in our cooler climate. Finally, it is the most cost-effective surface that you can buy, particularly for areas that are high moisture. And though it is more modestly priced than other floorings, you will still get a floor that will last you many years. On a final note, it is versatile enough that we can also install it anywhere in your house or basement with no restrictions or qualifications.

Installation and your subfloor

As sheet vinyl flooring is a relatively thin material, the subfloor underneath it needs to be as smooth as possible to give you a clean finish. Our installers will take special care to fill in and smooth out any pits and dimples on your floor. In some cases, a new subfloor may be necessary to give you the very best final product.

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